La Casa de Chayo - The swimming pool
La Casa de Chayo - Welcome
La Casa de Chayo - La cava
La Casa de Chayo - Terrace
La Casa de Chayo - The dining room
La Casa de Chayo - The living room

Welcome Home

The dream of sharing the warm and colorful show that each Puerto Vallarta sunset provides is what gave birth to this luxury villa.

To spend the time here means to feel connected and in complete harmony with the bay and its surroundings, it means you’ll be one with the textures and details that give life to our home and fill us with peace and serenity. A house with only 5 rooms, inspired by the never-ending pleasure of delighting our guests and make them part of our family and history forever.

Walking a few blocks towards El Malecón and loosing yourself amongst the streets to find hidden treasures, art and exquisite restaurants that use love as the main ingredient, is just one of the ways you can enjoy your stay.

Luxury Villa in Puerto Vallarta